YO8TEH Multimode Simplex Digital Hotspot with duplex option

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The YO8TEH Multimode Hotspot is a custom made and assembled hotspot, built according to various options on the website.

This is a multimode hotspot is built on a Raspberry Pi3B+ platform, and a D2FET simplex  radio board with Nextion 3,2" LCD using SV5BYP image on it.

 This one is wired  for a "future duplex upgrade" allowing user just to switch simplex board with duplex one hassle free.

Also, for "no hassle" use, and a truly easy ham radio experience for both beginners and advanced users, the YO8TEH multimode hotspot comes preloaded with the Pi-Star image as an operating system on a 16 GB SD-card.


To help fully understand the product, and easily maintain it, here is a list of the most important components which are used to build this hotspot:


  • Raspberry Pi3B+
  • D2FET  simplex  radio
  • Nextion 3,2" LCD
  • Nextion clear case frame
  • Cooling Fan
  • Metal Finger Guard
  • RG316 high quality pig-tail with SMA connector
  • Diamond SRH805S antenna
  • Micro USB special connector socket
  • Power switch
  • Cooler fan switch
  • 5V 3A high quality power supply
  • 2024-T3 extruded aluminium enclosure

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